Friday, October 4, 2013

Produce to Produce #Inktober 4 2013

I have a friend who just a few years ago was frustrated with the amount of unintentional feces she had to deal with as a grown woman... But of course that's to be expected, most people don't expect to have to deal with any-- save maybe the occasional puppy accident.  But when one has three little children, its more or less par for the course.

But little ones eventually become big ones. and while they learn where and when to put their poops, there is still lessons to be learned regarding the simple act of elimination.  As evidenced by her youngest latest self realization overheard from outside the bathroom door


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Contented with Cats #Inktober

There's always the push to the next thing. if you're  a child its to outgrow your parents, if you're a teen its to drive a car, if you're a grown up its to find a mate and after that to procreate.  There's rarely the time that we stop and are truly content where we are...  Its like we're born on a slope and we're running down hill that only stops when we topple into the grave (and even that's after wishing as an old person you didn't hurt so much so why don't I just die already?)

There are moments sometimes though-- when we find peace in our current place-- those moments are the exception not the rule.  They are like smoke that vanishes. But in the moment you find that contentment, celebrate it. Recognize it and remember it-- for contentment is like a muscle, it can grow if its worked.

hmm... such a solemn thought spurred by my friend's post on fb today

"Facebook, I've been married for less than 7 months. STOP showing me ads depicting pregnant ladies and pregnancy tests. I'll give you baby photos when I want to give you baby photos, and not a minute sooner!!! For the next few years, satiate yourself with pictures of my cat."