Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Would a White Tussock Moth Eat Abercrombie and Fitch?

I have a new acquaintance of FB.  We became friends because we have a mutual friend who makes me be the cooler person I wish I was in High School. I tell her that if I had known her in High School she would not have talked to me because she would have been the cool kid and I would have been the geek. She assures me that is not true. That if we had met at that time then she would have would not have talked to me because she was incapable of speaking to anyone because she was too shy.

If only I had known in HS that I would have grown up to now be as cool as I am--or at least not care that I am not as cool as others think I should be--I would have been better off having fun and waiting around for my shy speechless friends to eventually find me. But at any rate, my new acquaintance is quite cool as well--who knows, she too might not have been cool in high school.... But now she's not in High school or any school for that matter as he's traveling the US in an airstream trailer.  Well, just recently she posted on Facebook a picture of an adorable fuzzy little wormy thing with a red head and giant antennae.  It reminded me of something from a children's book.Over the next day she posted more pictures of them.  they were everywhere. I told her to sleep with one eye open. She wrote 

"You can HEAR THEM FALLING FROM THE TREES. It's gone from cute to sixties horror flick."

It turns out they are the larval stage of the White Tussoc Moth.  Someone said 

"This is about as fantastic as they will ever look."

Hmm... kind of like a super cool person who peeks in Highschool.... but I guess its always back to that isn't it?

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