Thursday, October 25, 2012


My friend Nicole wrote yesterday "My little girl went to a bed with a worried and broken heart because her kitty didn't come last night when she called. For 7 years he has always come when called but not last night...I had heard coyotes on the hill earlier that evening and wasn't hopeful. The Lord has shown His kindness to my little girl this morning, Luigi came strolling up on the deck about 6:30
 this morning (after I had been praying for hours) asking to come in, ate, and then begged to go back out 15 min. later... :/ I made him go in and say hello to Alia. She smiled the biggest smile and went back to sleep. My mama heart is much better this morning." and I wanted to draw it. I kept thinking of focusing on the little girl. or the cat being scared out of its nine lives, but then I thought of not the subject, but the one who answers prayers-- how many times God has powerfully intervened behind the scenes and we think it was all us... (ps-- this is an angel not God... I wouldn't presume to draw Him)

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