Friday, October 12, 2012

Tom Cruise Makes Me Cry

"So shines a good deed in a weary world"  Merchant of Venice

There are moments so beautiful, they are impossible to describe. Words don't do them justice. Such as was this night I was working late, and had the netflix going as I cleaned up Sofia the fist story book panels.  To keep myself from being distracted I was "watching" MI 3.  When Tom broke into his signature run I posted on Facebook and what happened next was strangely communal, beautiful, touching and heart felt... who'd knew that a few small words could bring a surprising flush of tears?

Well, when the sweet tears had run its course, it wasn't too long before someone added "I think he must have it in every contract that he will have at least one scene in which he will be shown sprinting quickly toward the camera. (I'm serious!)"  Which inspired this drawing and comment

"I read somewhere that that Tom Cruise is now the same age Wilford Brimley was when the latter starred in Ron Howard's "Cocoon""

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