Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Maine Ingredient

From a friend..I could comment on this, but why guild the lilly, the report is delightful enough on its own. To it I simply add my drawing... 

"Heart attack for the day: had a box marked "perishable" on my desk, addressed to one of the guys at work. Nothing out of the ordinary. A few minutes later, the box made a slight creaking noise and then shifted and MOVED. 
I swear, I jumped so far out of my seat I could've touched the ceiling.

Lesson of the day: Perishable means many things. Don't assume because it's mail that it means "food will go bad." Can also mean "animal inside will DIE." Apparently shipping live lobsters to a corporate office is something people can do. Thanks internet."


  1. That's funny! It's like the cat in the present in "Christmas Vacation"...!

  2. Ha! I like your illustrations! They have an energy to them.

    Just found this blog. Hope you continue updating.


    1. Benjamin, thanks so much for taking the time to write something. that means a lot. I actually had taken a break for a bit and its funny that today was the first day i was inspired to draw something. it was a quick one and I just posted it only on FB, but since you mentioned keep updating In thought I would add it here as well. Again, thanks for the kind words and encouragement!