Witt's Daughter: My Art With Real People

I've been an artist most of my life, but a few years ago I took a detour into working with people when I made a short film called "Witt's Daughter"

Several years ago I decided I had whined long enough about directing that I actually needed to do it.  I had read a verse in the bible and decided to take stock of what God had given me and make a film with that rather than try and network my way into people opening doors for me.  

While I didn't have enough money (or the desire to spend 4 years) to do a short animated film, I did have the money to do a short live action one. At that rate I would actually get to direct a group of people to achieve my goal: which was something I would not have been able to do had I just did the film all by myself. 

It was a tremendously fun experience and I learned a big lesson from it and I've been able to pass it on to others.  I even won an award for it. 

Recently I received an e mail from a mom who's daughter had been disappointed when a door was closed to her on her art.  So in an attempt to encourage her, the mom was reaching out to someone who might understand her particular situation.  I offer my response to her daughter in hopes that it might encourage others who might find themselves discouraged about not getting the doors opened they think should be.

"My heart goes out to you in this time. Sudden changes in your dreams can be devastating. I've had a lot in my life .  While the true events of the situation as to why this door was closed, I would to realize, there is yet another one Who knows:  God.  He has a plan.  Sometimes it seems at cross-purposes to ours, but it is always the right plan.  The ultimate end of that plan is eternal life with Him, for those who do know Him (do you know Him—if not here’s a link on how to know Him—you wont regret checking it out)  

Knowing God and knowing He has a perfect plan for His creation and those who are His get eternal life  is one thing, but what does that do for us here while we are living THIS life?  That door is closed, and its okay to be sad.  But it is not okay to let that closed door define you.  If you are indeed an artist, keep making art.  Evaluate what you want out of what you’re doing. Is it that you want to draw? No one’s stopping you. Create a blog and showcase your art. Is it that you want to tell stories? Again, no one’s stopping you, make short films and put them on Youtube.  See where I’m going?  Don’t’ let an institution or a person define your expression of yourself.  There are ways of putting your “art” out there without relying on an institution to provide the outlet.  I wanted to direct, so I made a short film and have made more for my church.  I don’t get paid for them, but I say what I want to say, and in the end, that is so much fun.  But while you’re doing your own self sponsored art, you are learning things. Whether it’s how to get better at it or how to build an audience, or just maybe that you actually didn’t want to do it in the first place. 

Anyway, I wanted to dash off this quick note in hopes that it might encourage you.  Please press on.  Sorry for your hurt… but look at this as a speed bump in the road and not as the end of it. "

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