Not Bored Boarding

This came on a couple weeks ago. I mostly do storybooks on Sofia the first, but I got to do two sequences of storyboards. I was so thrilled. they came out just like I boarded them acting and all the shots. the first scene starts at 11:08-12:06 and then the bigger chunk is at 12:50-17:03. In TV animation they ask us to do more posing in and acting than in Feature animation because overseas they follow the boards for direction. So I got to put a lot of myself into the acting. it was fun to do! As this is on one of those sites that show content... not the Disney Channel. who knows how long it will remain up. But for now here it is
You will most likely have to refresh the page a couple of times and watch commercials but finally the last time you will get an arrow in the center of the screen that will let you watch the linked content. if you can't see it here go to the link above.


  1. Carole, I LOVED it! And yes, I could see you in the sequences you sited! Especially the facial expressions! I am so happy for you and delighted that you get to do your God given gift as a living! Doesn't get much better than that huh? Really love this little program "Sophia the First" Especially that I can say my friend Carole is a part of it. My son Aden likes it but I am going to make sure he gets to watch it more. I will show him this one too.

    1. haha! Thank you Barbie for your kind words and for watching it. Im genuinely glad that I have gotten to be a part of this show, it touches me every time I watch it :)