Friday, December 7, 2012

A Coffee I.V Drip

As much as I've tried... I don't like coffee. Wait, let me correct that.  I like coffee--IF its about a tablespoon of coffee in a cup of milk with a lot of sugar. so basically what I like is coffee candy... on second thought--scratch that, coffee candy's too strong for me too.

But like Cats, Coffee has its very strong and very vocal defenders.  I haven't had the right kind or been to the right place or I haven't lived until I tasted coffee the way THEY made it-- then the clouds would open up. the heaven's would be revealed and the angels would descend and do jackknives off the side of my coffee mug.  Until that day when I have that perfect heaven opening cup.  I will only be an unenlightened one.  A tea drinking troglodyte  who cant cross over due to my uneducated palate.  But it's more than just the coffee connoisseurs who cluck their tongues at me while sadly shaking their head.  I had no idea that coffee was not only a drink, but an actual psychological state of mind.  I even had one person tell me that there was a type of person who was a coffee drinker and only they could be a friend who would truly understood them.

uh. okay.

Well, while I don't understand this rabid ardor for what is essentially brown and bitter water that makes one's breath stink and turns one's teeth yellow, I do have people in my life whom I love dearly, and if they can put up with my not being a coffee drinker, I most certainly can put up with them being one.

So this ones for you you lovers of the Petes, the Priscilllas and the Starbucks, French pressers, custom blenders, and foam latte toppers...

Who needs caffein when I have you all in my life to keep me jumping?


  1. kinda looks like me without the wild hair! xox Laura

  2. I don't like coffee, either, but here in LA, it seems almost a sin to not sit out in the sun and sip a latte, so I have been accused of liking THE IDEA of coffee, and being a social drinker.

    1. Ahah! I think you have a point there. Though my friend would beg to differ with me on that... apparently just having the idea of coffee was not enough. It was more than a state of mind-- it was like having green eyes or brown...