Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cartoon and Cookie

Im always sketchy about those kiosks at the mall.  I've been chased by many a young woman eager to sell me 50 dollar Israeli hand cream only to find myself smack in front of a henna tattoo parlor on wheels.  When I first saw one several years ago, a lone cheap jewelry huckster, I was like "why is this here?  Its so random and out of place"  but as time has gone on I realize the necessity of it. The malls want to make more money for all that needless empty space, and the venders want to be in the mall and can't afford to pay for all the larger space.  so voila,  a symbiotic relationship, like the shark and the pilot fish.

But there's certain things at which I draw the line... and when my friend Alfred took me out for my birthday a few years back and told me he would pony up the dough for one of those water massage beds,  I was more than creeped out by it. First of all, its all public, with your head sticking out of it like some kind of pig in a blanket for all to see, second of all how do you keep a dark moist place shared by multiple people from not developing creepy icky germs and third of all, ewe, just ew.  Plus I know Alfred-- all his protestations of innocence and curiosity veiled a more devious plan I was sure of it.  He's a wiry jokester who is fast on his feet and cagy like a fox.  nothing is innocent with him... he would get me locked in that thing take a picture of me and post it on FB--and that would be the tame guess of what he had up his sleeve.

Well, today's Alfred's birthday.  And I wanted to wish him the best. so in honor of him I decided to live up to my blog title. I made him a special gift.  When he opened it, he was very delighted and exclaimed

"Ooh!  My favorite food group!"

Happy Birthday Alfred... and for the record-- I have a friend who tried one of those water massage beds things, and he said it was pretty okay-- so that will have to be enough sate your curiosity.


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