Saturday, December 29, 2012

Brilliantly Busking

I just came back from a lovely trip to visit some friends in Princeton.  Mind you I couldn't say "Im going to New Jersey" My friend decried, "No please tell people you're coming to Princeton"... I guess to spare me the infamy of having to explain that I was not going to the Shore.  While out one day walking my friend pointed to a large house and said "That is where Einstein played his violin"

I had recently seen a movie which portrayed a fictional Einstein in his older years as a kindly gentleman who with his silly cohorts was trying to match his adorable mathematician niece to a charming and misunderstood auto mechanic-- but I had never thought of the REAL Einstein as actually playing the violin-- I mean, he was so brilliant, I assumed his life was consumed with math and other matters relatively related.  But Einstein was a person just like all of us, and of course he had other interests-- and he had friends as well.  Maybe they were silly, or maybe they were serious, but he spent time with them as well.  It wasn't his home he played in but theirs.  Why? because they had a music room.

Later,  went to Times Square. I hadn't been since I was a teen ager-- which is to say I might as well say I had gone for the first time two days ago.  (youth is wasted on the wrong people)  and as I stood there in the lights of historic thoroughfare  and marveled at the sights the lights and the crowd I thought of Einstein and his fiddle.

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