Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ode to Winter Snow-- Like a Drunken Unwanted Guest That hangs Around till Spring

I stepped outside and tested the air. it was  a little nippy so I went back in to throw on a sweatshirt.  I was wearing shorts and I knew I would warm up soon enough after I started jogging, but I didn't want to suffer the brisk air for the first couple of blocks.  I don't know why I bother for two blocks out of three miles, its the same every time.  the first block Im comfortable and the second block I consider with each step should  I pull off the sweatshirt, but where will I put it? do I wrap it around my waist? do I tie it around my shoulders? what usually happens is I pull it over my head and still wear it on my arms so its kind of like those stocks they used to put criminals in during the Pilgrim days-- only its cloth, and by the end of my jog, my neck is all toasty and sweaty.But at least I was comfortable for two blocks.

I saw this on my friend's wall. it seemed already like a poem. But I wrote my own as I thought of her. I was trying to draw her in the snow. She's blonde and beautiful. but really how easy is to to look beautiful when you're trying to keep warm?  

about as easy as it is to not look dorky when you're tangled in a sweatshirt stockade...

Dear snow, Go away. I always hate you. I hate you in winter when you are supposed to be here, but I especially hate you in spring and when my birthday is on Friday and you insist on hanging around! Unsincerely, Tessa

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