Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cartoons and Pancakes

We celebrate so many firsts:  First steps, first days at school, first dates, first drinks, first jobs...  There seem to be an endless progression of seemingly mostly universal things (depending on the culture)-- but so many common every day firsts go unnoticed.  I guess thats why when a young lady I just met rejoiced:

I have successfully flipped a pancake!”

I smiled.  While I have never successfully flipped a pancake (nor even tried for that matter)—I couldn’t help but think that for that young lady, her world had broadened a little in some way today and she would not look at her life quite the same again. 

As much as we would like to think to the contrary, It’s the little things that make us, us as much as the big things. You can only learn to ride your bike without training wheels once, or get your first kiss one time (who has ever heard of a second first kiss?)—but everyone does those things—not everyone will learn to flip a pancake.  We should celebrate our unique firsts in our lives even if its just us—because it IS us.  Any time we make a conscious choice to dare a little in something makes us as brave as those who’ve dared a lot in a grand thing.  And I think… if we are faithful to dare often enough in the little things, eventually we will find the courage to dare in something greater.  So until then, my young friends—and even my old ones,

Celebrate your pancakes!

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