Friday, January 4, 2013

Viking's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose

Yesterday was a very strange day in my head.  It started with the last dream I had before I woke being one where I had an enormous afro.  I don't know why... maybe it was a subconscious wish that I could look like Cleopatra Jones-- I don't know,  but of course posting a drawing of it on FB evoked many comments-- especially because I included my now trademark eyepatch.  Even when I tried to allude to the idea I looked like a dangerous spy, it just came back to me being a pirate all over again.  I finally conceded and said "I should succumb to it and just get a parrot"  one friend went so far as to offer to join me in a life of Piracy, suggesting we could dress the part--"and pillaging would be top notch  we can raid the local trader joes for pirate booty .. the snacks!"


Frankly I don't think anyone is taking me or my eyefirmity seriously.  I could be a dangerous spy if I wanted to-- as long as it didn't involve anything that I needed to see well.

I knew my friend was not serious about a life of larcenous piratey hi-jinx, because she's insisted quite often that she's a Viking (and at times a vampire)  so truly Piracy for her is as much an out there thing as my actually growing an enormous afro.  In fact when I had visited her page on fb her status update read "There's a Viking Appliances store in Burbank I want to pillage" to which I replied "the viking wants to pillage a viking?"  My friend sensing the irony in her statement, but also seeing the sudden revelation as a chance for optimism replied "By Odin's beard! Did not think vikings might actually be there... if they are I'll trade!"

I would love one of those fancy washing machines... but Im not grown up enough for one. every time I have enough money to buy one I end up doing something childish or irresponsible like making a short film, or getting an giant art tool...

oh well, I guess I will have to content myself with going to the river and beating my jeans on the rocks... and also never looking sophisticated and sinister... as a permanent pirate,  I guess I should think about investing in a frigate next...

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