Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jersey Snow

I went to New Jersey for Christmas partly because I was hoping for snow.  The weather teased me by snowing a bit a few hours before my plane landed in Newark,  and I laid my head on my friend's lush pillows with timid expectation; however the only thing White on Christmas day were my hosts.  Even without snow, I was grateful for their wonderful hospitality, laughs, delicious meal and beautiful family  day.

The day after Christmas however it did snow for about twenty minutes and I was delighted.  It stuck for a short while before it melted into the lawn.  After standing in it a while trying to photograph it, I told my friend I was surprised that falling snow was as loud as it was.  She informed me it was because the snow was wet.

Silly me, of course the snow is wet-- after all its frozen water... I guess I shouldn't be surprised that snow does make a little noise:  its kind of like thin ice cubes falling from the sky. Every time I drop my ice tray from the fridge, the scattering ice makes noise-- so why shouldn't snow?

When I came home from my wonderful holiday and told a friend about my NJ  loud snow observation she laughed and said with a touch of confusion-- What it did the snow do?  Shout "I'm fallen' here--"  "get outta my way" 

It made me laugh to think of little snows spouting east cost phrases as it fell impotently to the ground.

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