Saturday, January 5, 2013

James Cook and the Puffer Fish

James Cook: adventurer, explorer, convincer of Englanders that Australia was a great place to put convicts was almost done in by eating a puffer fish.

That being said--

I am a reasonably adventurous eater... once-- well there was that time in France that I ate cous cous on three separate occasions to prove that yes indeed it made me sick each time.  But all that to say, I am not afraid to eat anything set in front of me.  Rarely do I have any regrets (France notwithstanding)  and often I find that I have now discovered a new food to eat and enjoy.

Well, last night I found I had a huge yen for some Korean food, unfortunately the place where first I discovered it had long been closed and was now replaced with a brightly colored Mexican restaurant that looked like they would put a skeevy sombrero on your head if it was your birthday.  The only other place I could think to find it was in my father's neighborhood of Korea Town, but that was far to far to travel after work. I wanted to eat sooner than later.

I decided to be adventurous. The local Korean market had a small restaurant in it, and I had often wondered how it would taste.  Not one for Grocery store restaurant food, I thought, hey you only live once, why not be adventurous.

"Its spicy" said the the humorless hostess.
I smiled broadly, thinking "Im African America, Tobasco is a food group in my home"
"Bring it on!"  said I.

I really don't know what it was that did it.
was it the spice?
Was it the fact that they were a B?
or was it that I ate Pomegranates with it...

all I know is

I'm fairly certain I wont need to perform my French science lesson again to know I don't need to return...

Well, they say any meal you can live to walk away from and write a poem is a good meal...

They don't?  well they should.

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