Wednesday, January 2, 2013

the Bridal Gauntlet

I just found out some friends of mine are getting married in March-- thankfully its a week after the wedding of my other friend who's also getting married in March. 

There are seasons in ones life where you are invited to various types of parties.  The Pony or magic Party, which graduates you to the sleep over pillow-fight party, then the go out and get your first drink party which flows naturally into the spend the rest of your life (hopefully) with the man or woman of your dreams party and then the final party of "well I hope I there are enough people to invite to my final party because most of them are already dead party"  

While the early parties seem to be many and right on top of each other as a person advances through age, the span between wedding party and the death party can be long (again hopefully).  It can be years between those who are invited to parties where they have to go search for that perfect gift which the recipient will return later for what they really wanted-- before they have to go out and find a black dress or suit to wear to the final party.

I find that am in that no man's land of party waiting.  

That is until just recently.

This last several months and into the next few, however I have been invited to a great many wedding parties which led someone to remark " really, you?  I figured you were out of that phase of your life now"  

Well, I never!

I attribute it to the fact that my friends are all quite young-- which has its hopeful trade offs, while I am finding myself having to shop for a lot more presents to be returned later, I am hoping that this will trick death into thinking that really its not time for me to plan my death party yet, because after all-- Im still in the wedding party part of my life.

Hah ha, take that non wedding party suckahs!!!

One of my wedding party friends posted this on her facebook status today

Why are people surprised when the bride is stressed?? Some parts of wedding planning are not all sunshine, rainbows, and Pinterest. Although, I do have high hopes for cake testing."


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