Sunday, November 11, 2012

Call Me Mr Bond

Everybody has a dream.  Some folks dream to be an astronaut  while others dream to be a mother.  When I was a little girl, I dreamed to be a singer: now Im a storybook artist for Walt Disney TV animation working on Sofia the First-- a far cry from the five year old girl singing "Santa Claus is Coming to town lit by the red blue green spinning color wheel.

Well so much for dreams.

 However, just because our dreams aren't realized in the way we wish, it doesn't mean they can't be realized some way.  In my career as an animator/storyboard artist, I've worked on characters who sang, and even wrote a song myself for a short film I produced.  I also sing in choir at church. Its just a lesson I suppose, just because you can't realize your dream the way the world says you should, doesn't mean you can't realize your dream.  As long as you don't care how big your audience, God can always provide a venue.  One of my other dreams is to tell stories of my own... and so here I am in a short form to tell them.  A panel at a time.  Thanks for coming a long for the ride. I hope you stick around for a while

My mild mannered friend is a study in paradoxes. He's going to seminary to be a music pastor-- but secretly he dreams he's James Bond... of course the clean kind

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