Friday, November 9, 2012

Personal Persimmons

Was at the store buying Fuji persimmons when I asked a woman who was doing the same were they supposed to be eaten hard or soft. "they are good like this" she replied and then went on to add "but you must peal the skin. Otherwise they will make you constipated. Trust me, I know. I've tried it many times" uh... thank you? What is this with me and the women and their bodily functions in the stores? 

even still. i did peal it.


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    1. Thanks Alec. Actually you and Sarah inspired me to do this in part. it just took me a while to get started. But last year you mentioned you guys were just doing quick stuff and I thought I wanted to do that but couldn't think of what to draw quickly... then it occurred to me to draw my comments on stuff people say, and to do them as quickly as possible. its been a fun exercise and its gotten my brain percolating more :)