Monday, November 26, 2012

Wait, What am I Supposed to Be Doing Here?

A sketch from Sunday's sermon.  I find it interesting that I could draw a soldier's uniform from memory, but I had to look up the design of a volley ball...

On Sunday one of our Pastors was speaking to us about discipleship.  In the introduction to the topic he said often times we have  a faulty idea of what discipleship truly is and it would be just as silly as getting suited up to fight in Iraq and then someone giving you a volley ball and telling you to go  out and do what you were equipped to do.  He made a great deal of awesome points, but one of the ones that struck me right off the bat was when he noted

You are always making disciples and you are always in the process of being discipled.  You are either doing it towards making them like Christ or like the world in that your life is teaching others how to live. Whether its at home, the church or at work

That was fairly sobering to me as I immediately thought of some "trivial" (by the world's standards) behaviors that were not leading others to see that I am submitted to a risen Lord.

Even though I was really convicted by what I heard, I was also incredibly encouraged as I learned that discipleship isn't actually as difficult as often we make it in our minds.  If you'd like to know more.  Take a listen here...

(he made the soldier comment in the first service, this is the second service and he didn't use the same illustration)

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