Friday, November 16, 2012

The Perfect Hostess

A piece of my childhood died today.  RIP Hostess Brands Inc. Maker of the Twinkie, the Ding Dong and wonder bread: the bread so highly enriched that if you took off the crust you could completely crush it into a small dice sized cube and say, drop it into your Kool-aide.

While I can honestly say I haven't had a Twinkie since I was approximately six or seven,  I still have a slight pang as I see them sail into the sunset... First the Time Lady and now this? And I know others have felt the same pang of melancholy-- a lone box of Twinkies showed up on our snack table today as a reminder of kinder and more carefree days: when we didn't have to watch our cholesterol intake or worry about our widening waists and bottoms.

Yet for all the wistful thinking bygone days and the confections therein-- the rampant snack cake hoarding I see on the news perplexes me.  I mean--They're Twinkies.... they have a half life of 50,000 years?  With that reasoning, the Twinkies I ate as a toddler are still coursing though my bloodstream to this very day.... do I
really want to add more to it?

You can't go home people...  You can't go home.  The Twinkie has had it's day and like our childhoods, may they rest in peace.

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