Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Trying to Hit a Moving Target

A friend of mine posted on Facebook "Perhaps I would be able to take today's politicians more seriously if they wore monocles. Alas, they do not." which I thought was rather funny considering that a few weeks back she jokingly posted in her status that she was not hoping for more from the debates-- except maybe a Unicorn.

While my young friend's humor amused me, it did make me think of recent stories I've heard on the news regarding the GOP's thoughts on how to make themselves more relevant to the people who didn't vote for them... to me it was just as frustrating as listening to the Democrats try and cram bible verses into their speeches after their Bush took a second term.

But I guess that's just politics for you.  Im glad that I base my voting decisions on viewing issues in light of my informed conscience and not on what a human has to say or do--- which is often based on what other humans have said or done.  

--and my conscience is based on the bible.  While I know thats appalling to some.  At least I have the comfort in knowing that unlike popular opinion, God's word doesn't change.