Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hat Baby Poetry

Today my friend Jennie uploaded a picture of her son wearing a hat... she wrote "its a good day to wear a hat." for some reason, the oversized tweed fedora-ish hat on the little cherubic face melted my heart and the title of the picture inspired a poem...

It’s a good day for a hat
But what hat shall I wear?
Will it be my daddy’s baseball cap
Or one with my grizzly bear?
The fireman would sure be nice
Or my old beanie hat
Which one to pick
Which one to choose
Is it this or this or that?
Should I choose the red
Or blue
Or green?
Or the one with poka-dots?
So many different hats to choose
Cause I have lots and lots
It’s a good day for a hat
And I just can’t decide
So I’ll forget my hat for now
And go and play outside

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