Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gangsta Cowgirl

Laura is my forever friend. Even though we have come in and out of each other's lives since 10th grade, we just pick up where we left off.  This latest run has actually gone the longest since high school and its been lovely.  Because of FB I have gotten to get glimpses into her beautiful children--now almost in college-- as well.  This morning she posted this "It never fails to amaze me when I learn something new about my kids. I got in the car to pick up my son from soccer practice and as usual, after borrowing the car earlier in the day, my daughter left the seat in the "wrong" position. She also left the radio on the country music station. bwhahaha. According to her brother, she's been listening in secret for ages!"  

I wonder what Laura's parents would have been posting about her on FB if they had had it back in the day?  

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